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Boston bomber gave middle finger to courthouse camera

David Smothers April 21, 2015

A photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev giving the middle finger to a courthouse camera was shown to a jury on Tuesday morning, as the sentencing portion of the convicted Boston Marathon bomber’s trial began. Tsarnaev, 19, is seen defiantly flipping off the camera in the jail of the federal courthouse, sometime during his arraignment in July… Continue Reading »


What Is the Ebola Virus? Everything You Need to Know in 90 Seconds

David Smothers August 8, 2014

Ebola hemorrhagic fever can be one of most terrifying diseases on the planet, and the current outbreak in West Africa is concerning for many reasons. But it’s also important to keep this outbreak in context, because there is a lot of information out there that can make Ebola sound much more dangerous than it is…. Continue Reading »


90% of People the NSA Spies on Are Not Real Targets, Report Says

David Smothers July 7, 2014

The National Security Agency’s wide-reaching Internet surveillance dragnet sweeps up more ordinary Internet users’ communications than previously thought, according to a new report. Nine out of 10 people on which the NSA spied were not actually the intended targets of its surveillance, and nearly half of the surveillance files either belonged to U.S. citizens or… Continue Reading »


Codecademy Takes Its Free Coding Lessons Worldwide

David Smothers May 22, 2014

Codecademy, the free online learning platform that teaches users to code, is going global. Since its launch in 2011, more than 24 million users have completed more than 100 million exercises on the Codecademy platform. But even though 70% of all those users are from outside the United States, the lessons themselves have always been… Continue Reading »


Watch U.S. President Obama’s Entire Syria Speech

David Smothers September 10, 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama delivered his highly anticipated address to the American people about the conflict in Syria on Tuesday night. You can watch the entire 15-minute speech in the YouTube video, embedded above. Obama once again pledged not to put American soldiers on the ground in the country, which is currently embroiled in a… Continue Reading »


Security Researcher Earns $20,000 for Uncovering Major Facebook Bug

David Smothers June 28, 2013

A British security researcher recently uncovered a bug allowing him to take over someone else’s Facebook account via text message, a vulnerability that could have compromised millions of profiles. The researcher reported it to Facebook and earned a $20,000 reward from the company. Jack Whitton, an application security engineer who also works as a security… Continue Reading »


Watch Pepper Potts Finally Suit Up in This Kickass Iron Man 3 Teaser

David Smothers March 27, 2013

As May 3 gets closer and closer Marvel is starting to flood the airwaves with 30 second Iron Man 3 commercials, including this spot which reveals something fans have speculated since the first trailer: Pepper Potts gets to don the Iron Man armor. It doesn’t look like Stark has created her her own custom suit—yet—but she looks right at… Continue Reading »


Watch the New ‘Iron Man 3’ TV Spot Trailer

David Smothers March 25, 2013

A new mini-trailer for Iron Man 3, set to hit theaters in early May, premiered during last night’s Kids’ Choice Awards. Contrary to the dark trailers that were previously released, this clip advertises the movie in a lighter tone. Check it out above — it’s short, sweet and Stark-tastic. You can watch the previously released trailer here:… Continue Reading »


Watch This Inspiring Young Dance Troupe From Indian Leprosy Colonies

David Smothers February 28, 2013

Documentary filmmaker Evan Carpenter hopes his latest project, Gracie Learns to Dance, will inspire promising young students around the world to stay in school and pursue their passions. The film follows Gracie, the 15-year-old president of the Rising Star Dance Troupe. The students learned to dance through classes offered by NGO Rising Star, which works with people with… Continue Reading »

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