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First Wearable Device for Seniors Keeps Tabs on Their Health

David Smothers August 21, 2014

Most fitness trackers monitor the habits of relatively self-aware, healthy individuals — those looking to lose weight or hit a steps goal each day — but a new device intended for seniors keeps tabs on how they’re doing and alerts caregivers when something might be wrong. Tempo, by CarePredict, is a wristband tracker that doubles… Continue Reading »


Can Wearable Technology Put a Dent in Parkinson’s Disease?

David Smothers August 13, 2014

Wearable technology has clear applications for healthcare, but it’s just one tool. To really find better treatments and cures for disease, the data from the wearable needs to reach beyond a single patient and become part of an aggregate, which medical researchers all over the world can access and analyze. In other words, it needs… Continue Reading »


Wearable SIM Could Let You Use One Number With Any Device

David Smothers June 10, 2014

Japanese carrier Docomo has announced an interesting concept design that could change the way we use mobile devices: a wearable that takes the SIM out of your phone and puts it onto your wrist to create an authentication device for all your hardware. It’s calling it the Portable SIM, and it takes the SIM card… Continue Reading »


Samsung Names Its Price for Gear Fit, Gear 2 Smartwatch

David Smothers March 21, 2014

For those awaiting more details about Samsung’s new Gear 2 smartwatch and Gear Fit wristband tracker, the company announced pricing and availability on Thursday. According to Sammobile.com, which reported Samsung’s official pricing for Taiwan, the Gear 2 will cost $299 in the U.S., while the Gear Fit will go for $199. Samsung later told Mashable… Continue Reading »


Why the Moto 360 Smartwatch Will Kill Google Glass

David Smothers March 21, 2014

In November of 2013, I became a Google Glass Explorer. Part of this endeavor involved forking over $1,500 and tax for a technology device that was still in beta. The hardware was beyond prototype, but not in the mass production scale that would be necessary for worldwide distribution. Just a few years ago, smart watches… Continue Reading »


Meet Edison, Intel’s Tiny Plan To Power The Next Generation Of Wearables

David Smothers January 7, 2014

Intel is thinking big by going small: The Edison, a full Linux computer built for wearables, is no bigger than an SD card. You thought the Raspberry Pi was small? Check out Intel’s latest entry in the micro-microcomputer sweepstakes—a full Linux computer called the Edison, which is no bigger than an SD card. In addition… Continue Reading »


Nike+ Fuelband SE: More Colors, More Power

David Smothers October 15, 2013

Nike just showed off the second-gen version of its Fuelband, and for the first time, the fitness tracker is coming in a whole slew of colors. Here’s everything you need to know about the improvements. The display is the same, the form factor is the same, but now you’ll have a choice of three shades… Continue Reading »


A Watch Inspired By–And Made From–The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

David Smothers June 19, 2013

Romain Jerome has become known as the watchmaker that incorporates exotic materials into its timepieces, from moon dust, to metal from the Statue of Liberty, to volcanic ash. And while it’s still embracing that role with the new Moon Orbiter, the watch actually puts more focus on the highly engineered flying tourbillon exposed at the… Continue Reading »


LiveMap: An F-35 Fighter Pilot Helmet for Motorcyclists

David Smothers June 14, 2013

Move over, Glass, there’s another AR solution for motorcyclists. A startup out of Russia has ideated a helmet with a HUD that claims to solve all your navigation needs. LiveMap’s helmet looks more like the lovechild of a Simpson racing lid and fighter pilot helmet, than a traditional motorcycle helmet. The company says it will… Continue Reading »


A Retro-Futuristic Watch Torn From the Pages of Science Fiction

David Smothers June 10, 2013

Supposedly inspired and named after the space station featured in the Star Trek series Deep Space Nine, Vianney Halter’s Deep Space Tourbillon watch took several years to design and build. But from the looks of it, that number could be closer to half a century since the watch looks like it was based on designs… Continue Reading »

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