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‘Baby Got Class’ Is the Back-to-School Anthem for Parents

David Smothers August 21, 2014

These kids are going to be very popular on the first day of school. The Holderness family, known for the viral #XMAS Jammies video last December, made a new parody to get parents their kids pumped for the first day of school. Parents Kim and Penn rap about the struggles of back to school preparations… Continue Reading »


Mother-Daughter Lip-Sync Will Rekindle Your ‘Frozen’ Heart

David Smothers August 15, 2014

Here to remind you how cute a parent-child Disney sing-along can be, little Taigan and her mom lip-sync Frozen’s “Love is an Open Door.” Of course, mom has to lip synch Hans. Kids, right? This is just the latest reminder that the Frozen soundtrack will be sticking around in minivan CD players around the world… Continue Reading »


Peyton and Eli Manning Rap About Their Football Fantasy

David Smothers August 11, 2014

The Manning brothers are back with more football. And fantasy. Mostly fantasy. As a followup to 2013’s “Football on Your Phone” video, Peyton and Eli promote DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket’s new Fantasy Zone channel with a bizarre rap video. If fantasy football also included space travel, a pegasus and footlong sandwiches, count us in. [via… Continue Reading »


Exaggerated Soccer Injuries Look Ridiculous Off the Field

David Smothers July 9, 2014

World Cup flopping is an art, a tradition and a major frustration for spectators. The way some players flail and scream at the slightest physical contact on the field, only to be fine moments later, makes you wonder if FIFA is handing out Academy Awards instead of the World Cup trophy at the end of… Continue Reading »


The Youths Are Totally Confused by Game Boys

David Smothers July 7, 2014

t’s like … a really old Nintendo. No … a video game. Is it an iPhone case? Oh, right — a Game Boy. That beloved handheld gaming device from the ’90s used to play Pokemon Blue. For Millennials, Game Boys aren’t completely out of sight and mind. But present-day kids examine this large, clunky box… Continue Reading »


Teacher Resigns Via YouTube Over Standardized Testing

David Smothers May 24, 2013

Standardized testing has long been a hot-button topic among educational circles. But a veteran teacher is now taking a very open position against the concept by resigning from her job — and telling everyone about it on YouTube. The video, which was posted on Tuesday under the account I Quit You Can’t Fire Me, is… Continue Reading »


Creepy Local Chiropractor Ad Will Make You Wince

David Smothers May 16, 2013

Remember that amazing/weird/hilarious/musical local auto ad that set the web on fire a couple weeks ago? The guys who made that, YouTube duo Rhett & Link, are back with a follow-up ad for another local L.A. business. This time it’s the Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center that gets the duo’s bizarre treatment. The super awkward spot,… Continue Reading »


Viral Celebrity Kai the Hitchhiker Wanted for Murder

David Smothers May 16, 2013

Kai the hitchhiker, who captivated the Internet in February with an act of heroism and a contagiously entertaining local TV interview, is reportedly now a murder suspect in New Jersey. Union County law enforcement has issued an arrest warrant for him for the murder of Joseph Galfy, Jr., in Clark, N.J., according to a WABC… Continue Reading »


Human Chair Hilariously Scares Crap Out of Coffee Shop Patrons

David Smothers April 9, 2013

There’s nothing like cozying up with a freshly brewed cup of joe, but for patrons in one California coffee shop, they’re in for a terrifying awakening. A new laugh-out-loud prank video has been making the rounds online, involving a man disguised as a comfy chair. Prankster Rich Ferguson spent an afternoon in the cushioned costume at a… Continue Reading »

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