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If Apple’s iPad Mini Announcement Were Honest

David Smothers October 23, 2013

Apple unveiled two new iPads yesterday, and regardless of what new bells and whistles they’re packing, people will inevitably ooh and ahh over them, and buy the fresh tablets by millions. Which brings up a question: what if Apple’s announcement was completely BS-free? As usual, Kimmel’s fantasy interpretation of what could be in some alternate… Continue Reading »


OMG When Can I get This: RoomE – A New Shape of Personal Computing

David Smothers October 5, 2013

The future of the computer is to essentially make it disappear—a disconnected interface, so the house or the office or the building or the city is the computer. —Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer, frog [via frog] Register for an account it’s free to participate in the discussion or share your thoughts in the Facebook. No related… Continue Reading »


Watch Every Model of iPhone Get Speed Tested at the Same Time

David Smothers September 29, 2013

Ever wonder if your iPhone 4 really was weirdly slow? Or if iOS 7, despite its bells and whistles, just has a longer boot time than your old 3G? Well wonder no longer. You’re about to find out for sure. EverythingApplePro ran an absurdly comprehensive speed test using every iPhone ever made (and a whole… Continue Reading »


Justin Timberlake Shows Us How Dumb We Sound When We Use Hashtags

David Smothers September 26, 2013

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, comedy skit best friends and the human couple equivalent of a pair of colorful striped socks, teamed up yet again to shed light on a disease that’s been plaguing phone-connected humans for years now: the ridiculous overuse of hashtags. That pound sign—which was probably once the least pressed button on… Continue Reading »


Watching 275,000 Dominos Fall Is Mesmerizingly Addictive

David Smothers July 16, 2013

It starts with one domino. It branches off into different lines. It ends with 272,297 dominos being toppled over. It sounds like a cross between a snake hissing and an annoying morning alarm. It’s mesmerizing. It’s hypnotic. It’s 10 minutes long. It’s worth watching over and over. It’s world record breaking for dominos toppled in… Continue Reading »


What Would We Do If Aliens Just Showed Up Tomorrow?

David Smothers July 13, 2013

It seems unlikely—impossible, even—that aliens would just happen to make contact today. Or tomorrow. Or the day after. But what if they did? How do you even deal with something like that? Vsauce digs into the details of our global plan, or more accurately the total lack thereof, to scoop out the sparse details and… Continue Reading »


The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Is Absolutely Fascinating

David Smothers July 12, 2013

We poke fun at Siri and pretend to get scared by Humanoid robots and make our neck hair stand up straight by watching quadrocopters do amazing things but the truth is, artificial intelligence is still pretty dumb. But that’s going to change! The rise of artificial intelligence is happening and they’re learning a lot more… Continue Reading »

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