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Star Wars


Cool Star Wars video transforms real world airport into Imperial base

David Smothers July 7, 2014

Star Wars fan Frank Wunderlich turned the German airport of Frankfurt into a base for the Imperial Navy thanks to the wonders of 3D and compositing. Despite some failures here and there, it’s a great scene full of shuttles and Imperial walkers. [via sploid] Register for an account it’s free to participate in the discussion or… Continue Reading »


How Star Wars Just Inspired a Real-Life Scientific Discovery

David Smothers July 23, 2013

The real-life Tatooine may not have two suns—but it has unlocked the secrets of a geomorphic mystery. Close to Tozeur, Tunisia—George Lucas’s stand-in for the barren planet—there’s a wilderness of sand that’s permanently changing. When wind whistles across the dunes, it pushes that sand into huge, crescent-shaped structures known as barchans. These things are huge,… Continue Reading »


This Insane Homemade Lightsaber Burns Straight Through Things

David Smothers May 28, 2013

OK, so this should be labelled with extreme hazard warnings or something. A crazy laser enthusiast actually built his own lightsaber capable of burning straight through things. The monster 3W laser, made from a diode taken out of a DLP projector bolted to two high-power lithium ion laptop batteries, is capable of burning straight through… Continue Reading »


Is Disneyland Getting a Star Wars Land?

David Smothers March 22, 2013

In an online survey sent to Annual Pass holders and other park enthusiasts, Disney has apparently started to gauge interest in expanding the Star Wars presence at its resorts, starting with Disneyland.In a screenshot tweeted by The Awl’s Ken Layne, one of the questions in the survey asks: “How interested would you be in visiting a Star… Continue Reading »


Star Wars Collectors Watches By Zeon

David Smothers March 14, 2013

Star Wars embarks upon another watch collaboration this year, this time teaming up with the United Kingdom based designers at Zeon for a five watch collection. Fans of the galaxy far, far away need no reminder of the stunning Seiko Star Wars watch collection, and now Zeon looks to give the Seiko a run for their… Continue Reading »


Carrie Fisher Returning As Princess Leia In Star Wars Episode 7

David Smothers March 6, 2013

Last month we heard rumors of Harrison Ford possibly returning to reprise his role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode 7. The news came from a Latino Review reporter, although there were conflicting reports coming in at the same time. Today, on the other hand, isn’t speculation as Carrie Fisher has confirmed she’ll return… Continue Reading »


Lucasfilm Officially Confirms That J.J. Abrams Will Direct the Next Star Wars Movie

David Smothers January 26, 2013

It’s official: J.J. Abrams will be the director of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII film. As rumored earlier in the week, Abrams will be taking over the reins for the newest installment of theStar Wars film sequel, which was announced in late 2012 after Disney’s $4 billion acquisition of the sci-fi  franchise. “It’s very exciting to have J.J. aboard… Continue Reading »

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