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After Three Weeks, Apple Pay Is Already Transforming How We Buy Things

David Smothers November 17, 2014

For years, tech companies like Google and Softcard (formerly known as ISIS) begged with consumers to adopt its NFC-powered payment platform, and for the most part, their pleas went largely unheard. Now that Apple Pay has graced millions of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users with NFC purchasing powers, things are beginning to change…. Continue Reading »


50 Things Cortana Can Do Right Now (Compared To Siri and Google Now)

David Smothers August 22, 2014

Cortana is Windows Phone’s answer to Siri and Google Now: A voice-activated artificially intelligent personal assistant with an only slightly off-putting robot voice. Technically, she’s still in beta on Windows 8.1, but PhoneBuff is here to show us 50 things Cortana can already do. Looks like Cortana’s got some seriously handy capabilities—and a pretty cheeky… Continue Reading »


$36 million worth of products stolen from Samsung’s Brazilian factory

David Smothers July 8, 2014

t probably won’t make a dent in the massive profits Samsung rakes in every quarter, but a rather major robbery has left one of the company’s factories poorer by around $36 million. About 20 men armed with submachine guns invaded Samsung’s factory in São Paulo, Brazil, and managed to get away with seven loaded trucks… Continue Reading »


HTC One (M8) vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

David Smothers April 1, 2014

You probably won’t find a bigger Android rivalry than this. The new HTC One (M8) is about to butt heads with the Samsung Galaxy S5. How do their features and specs compare? Let Gizmag lend a hand. Size The phones’ dimensions aren’t dramatically different, but the HTC One (M8) is three percent longer, three percent… Continue Reading »


One Day Your Smartphone’s Screen Could Be Used To Test Blood

David Smothers March 17, 2014

Patients who rely on the use of coagulants to limit the formation of blood clots in their veins also require frequent and regular trips to the hospital for tests to monitor their blood flow. It’s a time-consuming side effect that researchers at EPFL hope they’ve solved with a portable test that relies on a smartphone’s… Continue Reading »


Report: Spies use smartphone apps to track people

David Smothers January 27, 2014

LONDON (AP) — Documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden suggest that spy agencies have a powerful ally in the apps installed on smartphones across the globe. The documents, published by The New York Times, the Guardian, and ProPublica, suggest that the mapping, gaming, and social networking apps available on smartphones can feed America’s… Continue Reading »


This Smartphone Charger Also Hunts Down Malware

David Smothers October 4, 2013

Numbers show that malware on smartphones is a bigger and bigger problem every year, and it’s not like the phone companies are making it any easier. Would it really kill them to include a native virus scanner in iOS or Android? This is where the Skorpion comes in. The Skorpion is a jacked up smartphone… Continue Reading »


Newt Gingrich Can’t Work Out What His Phone Is

David Smothers May 13, 2013

“Here at Gingrich Productions, we’ve spent weeks figuring out,” ponders Newt Gingrich. “What do you call this?” It’s a phone, Newt. “But think about it. If it’s taking pictures, it’s not a cellphone. If you can get Wikipedia or go to Google, that’s not a cellphone.” Sigh. Newt is clearly puzzled by the shiny black… Continue Reading »


HTC One Review: The Beauty Is a Beast (Updated)

David Smothers April 8, 2013

Last year HTC made three excellent phones: the One X, the One X+, and the Droid DNA. This year, it’s focusing on a single dominant device: the HTC One. It’s a gutsy strategy—basically focusing all of your efforts on one device that will span across many carriers—but one that worked wonders for Samsung’s Galaxy S III last year…. Continue Reading »


The T-Mobile iPhone Is Here at Last

David Smothers March 27, 2013

We knew it was coming sometime this year, and yesterday we heard murmurs that “sometime” could be today, and at last, it is. T-Mobile has an iPhone 5. Yes, it’s the same iPhone 5 that was announced five months ago, but maybe (just maybe) it’s better. Since T-Mobile announced this weekend that it would be ditching the… Continue Reading »

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