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Your Personal information is Out There: The Largest Government Hack Ever!

David Smothers July 21, 2015

When the Office of Personnel Management began investigating a data breach, it was already a dire situation, with 4.2 million federal workers’ information stolen. Then things got worse. And worse. During the investigation of the hack, the OPM found a second theft, the existence of which was first reported back in June. But today, we… Continue Reading »


The Truth About Home Depot’s Security Breach: Hacking Was Easy

David Smothers September 10, 2014

Here’s the thing about breaking into a multi-billion-dollar company and stealing the credit card information of millions of customers: It’s just not that hard. Eight months after a security breach brought scorn on Target and resulted in the resignation of its CEO, Home Depot is now the victim of a nearly identical attack. “They didn’t… Continue Reading »


The Evolution of ATM Skimmers

David Smothers August 27, 2014

In a little over a decade, ATM skimmers have gone from urban myth to a wildly complex, ever-evolving suite of technologies that has the potential to be the worst nightmare of anyone with a bank account. Here’s a look at how quickly skimmers have evolved—and why they’re increasingly impossible to spot. What is skimming? In… Continue Reading »


Hackers Just Proved That Secret Isn’t Really Secret

David Smothers August 22, 2014

It’s the worst fear of narcissists around the globe: Those confessions, those private things, those secrets you’ve been sharing on the popular app Secret aren’t actually secret. Well, narcissists of the globe, your worst fear has come true. Secret isn’t really secret. A duo of security researchers—Benjamin Caudill and Bryan Seely—recently discovered a hack that… Continue Reading »


P.F. Chang’s Says 33 Restaurants in U.S. Hit by Security Breach

David Smothers August 4, 2014

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — P.F. Chang’s is providing more details on its ongoing investigation into a security breach, saying data may have been stolen from certain credit and debit cards used at 33 of its restaurants in the United States. P.F. Chang’s confirmed in June that data from credit and debit cards used at its restaurants… Continue Reading »


Flash Just Patched a Huge Security Flaw, Go Update it Right Now!

David Smothers July 8, 2014

Adobe just patched up a gaping security flaw that could affect anyone who logs on to eBay, Tumblr, Instagram, or other popular sites. If you’re a person who visits any of those domains (or really, any website out there that might use Flash), you really should update your stuff right now. Basically, the flaw—which security… Continue Reading »


Hackers behind iPhone Ransom Attacks Arrested in Russia

David Smothers June 11, 2014

Russian authorities arrested a man and a teenaged boy from Moscow under suspicion that they compromised Apple ID accounts and used Apple’s Find My iPhone service to hold iOS devices for ransom. Find My Phone is an Apple iCloud feature that allows iPhone, iPad and Mac owners to remotely lock and track their devices if… Continue Reading »


Microsoft tells IE users how to defend against zero-day bug

David Smothers May 1, 2014

Microsoft has yet to patch its latest critical Internet Explorer zero-day security flaw, but an advisory about the bug now offers two temporary solutions. Updated on Monday, Microsoft Security Advisory 2963983 offers new information about the new zero-day vulnerability that affects all versions of Internet Explorer. The flaw could allow remote code execution and has… Continue Reading »


Heartbleed Attacks Are Completely Undetectable on Old Android OS

David Smothers May 1, 2014

It’s still an open wound. Three weeks after most of the Web protected its computers from the Heartbleed Internet bug, there are lingering threats. Many smartphones running an older version of Google’s Android software may still be vulnerable to hacking attacks. As we’ve reported, millions of devices globally using Android version 4.1.1, which was released… Continue Reading »


Want to Know if Your Android Device Could Be Hacked via Heartbleed?

David Smothers April 15, 2014

Heartbleed is causing heartache on hundreds of servers all over the internet, but security researchers have also warned that the bug could allow direct hacks of Android, too. Here’s how to check if your device is at risk. While researchers at security firm Symantec happily report that the major browsers don’t rely on the OpenSSL… Continue Reading »

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