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Leaked New Galaxy Alpha Show iPhone-Inspired Design

David Smothers August 4, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy line has been a smartphone stalwart for years. But unanticipated commercial and design criticism of its latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, has forced the company to go in a different creative direction—down a road that apparently leads straight to Cupertino, Calif. New leaks from Weibo show off a purportedly reimagined Galaxy smartphone…. Continue Reading »


Windows Phone Is Getting One of the Best Android Phones

David Smothers August 1, 2014

Just as the rumors foretold, a Windows Phone version of the wonderful HTC One is headed for Verizon—or so this photo tucked in an unseen corner of Verizon’s servers seems to indicate. The rumor of a “One (M8) for Windows” has been around for some time, and just this week WP Central said such a… Continue Reading »


$36 million worth of products stolen from Samsung’s Brazilian factory

David Smothers July 8, 2014

t probably won’t make a dent in the massive profits Samsung rakes in every quarter, but a rather major robbery has left one of the company’s factories poorer by around $36 million. About 20 men armed with submachine guns invaded Samsung’s factory in São Paulo, Brazil, and managed to get away with seven loaded trucks… Continue Reading »


iPhone 5C: Apple’s Colorful Budget Phone Is Real and $100 on Contract

David Smothers September 10, 2013

We’ve been hearing rumors of a new iPhone breed for years, and now it’s finally here. Apple’s new plastic-backed, color-coated iPhone 5C is a $100 option for a whole new generation of iPhone users. Here’s everything you need to know. Design The leakers were spot on this time around; the iPhone 5C looks just like… Continue Reading »


Here’s the Gigantic Nokia Windows Phone We Might Never See

David Smothers September 6, 2013

There’s a new leaked image of Lumia’s gigantic phone-tablet, the Lumia 1520, and it looks pretty nice. It comes from @evleaks, a historically reliable source for advance shots of phones. It looks pretty nice—if it ever comes out. Evleaks posted the image as “Nokia Lumia 1520, 2013”, but it’s unclear what’s happening to all of… Continue Reading »

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