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June Cover Revealed – Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

David Smothers May 4, 2014

Activision has never been afraid to embrace the future with the Call of Duty franchise. When World War II fatigue set in, it reinvigorated the series and brought its timeline forward with the classic Modern Warfare. It allowed Treyarch the chance to get creative with the franchise, resulting in the well-received Black Ops games. When… Continue Reading »


Kittens Take Over Classic Hip-Hop and R&B Album Covers

David Smothers April 27, 2014

Ever wondered what it would look like if kittens replaced some of your favorite rappers and singers on their album covers? Well, your dreams are now a reality. N.W.A., OutKast, D’Angelo, Prince and others switch spots with some furry felines to recreate their respective covers. Food stamp IDs, gold chains, fitted hats and jail cells… Continue Reading »


Iphone 6 Sized Up Against Iphone 5S And Ipad Mini In New Renders

David Smothers April 9, 2014

The new iPhone could be one of the most pivotal devices in the Cupertino brand’s history – with the the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C simple updates to previous models, there’s a lot of pressure heaped on the iPhone 6. As per usual, the internet is awash with rumor, speculation and downright lies over this… Continue Reading »


WTF! We Got Hacked: Iran Sure Did Pick a Bad Time to Hack into the Navy’s Computers

David Smothers September 27, 2013

Obama barely got a chance to catch his breath after announcing historic talks with Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, when some discouraging news came across the wires. Presumably while all this good diplomacy was going down, Iranian hackers broke into unclassified Navy computers. Oh brother. The good news is that the Navy doesn’t think any important… Continue Reading »


Tesla’s Model S Sedan Destroys Safety Tests … Literally

David Smothers August 21, 2013

In the long history of automotive safety press releases, no carmaker has ever issued a statement quite like the one put out by Tesla Motors (TSLA) on Monday night. The statement begins by looking at a battery of tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Tesla’s Model S all-electric luxury sedan…. Continue Reading »


Former NFL Player Kris Jenkins Is Still A Fan Of Paula Deen

David Smothers June 29, 2013

We can add Kris Jenkins, former all-pro defensive tackle for the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers, to the list of people who don’t think all that n-word business that’s currently sinking Paula Deen’s career is a very big deal. Jenkins, who once appeared as a guest on Deen’s Food Network show (video above), recently… Continue Reading »


Pats Fans Can Get A Free Exchange For Their Aaron Hernandez Jerseys

David Smothers June 29, 2013

If you’re somebody who currently owns a #81 Aaron Hernandez jersey, but you are also somebody who isn’t really down with wearing an accused murderer’s name on your back, I’ve got good news for you! On July 6 and 7, you can take your Aaron Hernandez jersey to the Patriots pro shop and exchange it… Continue Reading »


Victims Of The Boston Marathon Bombing Begin Divvying $61 Million

David Smothers June 29, 2013

America, on occasion you really take care of your own. After the Boston Marathon bombing, people and companies pulled together more than $60 million that’s now being disbursed to 232 people who were hurt or killed in the attack and its aftermath. Two double amputees and the families of four people who died (three in… Continue Reading »


TMZ: Scottie Pippen Questioned In Assault Case [UPDATE]

David Smothers June 24, 2013

TMZ is reporting that basketball Hall of Famer and Michael Jordan sidekick Scottie Pippen has turned himself in to face charges of felony assault with intent to deliver bodily harm for allegedly kicking the heck out of some dude. [Update: TMZ is now saying he wasn’t arrested.] The incident happened last night outside a Japanese… Continue Reading »

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