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Whoa, These Sci-Fi Laser-Shooting Telescopes Are Gloriously Real

David Smothers October 5, 2013

bservatories don’t just gaze into the endless starry abyss above our heads; sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes they shoot righteous 40-watt lasers into the great beyond too. Obviously it looks awesome, and this stellar timelapse showcases exactly how awesome. (Spoilers: very awesome.) The location is the Mauna Kea Observatories in Hawaii, and this new, fantastic… Continue Reading »


This Insane Homemade Lightsaber Burns Straight Through Things

David Smothers May 28, 2013

OK, so this should be labelled with extreme hazard warnings or something. A crazy laser enthusiast actually built his own lightsaber capable of burning straight through things. The monster 3W laser, made from a diode taken out of a DLP projector bolted to two high-power lithium ion laptop batteries, is capable of burning straight through… Continue Reading »

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