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HOMIDO – Universal VR Headset for Smartphones

David Smothers March 25, 2015

The Homido VR smartphone adapter is available for pre-order today for €69. The device, which mounts a smartphone into a head-mounted housing for use as a VR headset, will be delivered in October, according to the France-based company. Homido says their VR smartphone adapter is compatible with some 80 smartphones, including all Apple iOS smartphones… Continue Reading »


Alleged iPhone 6 Snapshots Spotted!

David Smothers September 2, 2014

Much has been said about the upcoming iPhone 6 from Apple, especially when you take into consideration that it ought to be introduced to the masses some time later this month. Well, someone has already sent out some photos of the upcoming iPhone 6, where it shows off the hotly anticipated iPhone 6 (or at… Continue Reading »


LEAKED: The iPhone 6 Could Come In A New Dark Gray Color

David Smothers July 9, 2014

And the iPhone 6 rumors kept rolling in. This time around: A video and images have leaked of what is purported to be the rear shell of Apple’s upcoming iDevice. Images and video were leaked to MacRumors by a Russian-based company called Feld & Volk, which says it has some midproduction units of the 4.7-inch… Continue Reading »


Leaked video is the last word on the iPhone 6′s display size

David Smothers July 7, 2014

Have any doubts that the iPhone 6 will have a display that has a 4.7-inch diagonal? Well doubt no more because Sonny Dickson has just posted a new leaked video that gives us an extensive look at the iPhone 6′s display panel and shows us measurements of its exact dimensions. Other than the 4.7-inch diagonal,… Continue Reading »


Larger iPhones Go Into Production July, Ship September

David Smothers June 24, 2014

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple will put two new iPhones into production in July—one with a 4.7-inch display, the other with 5.5-inch screen—and both might ship by September. If that rumor is true—and that’s still a big if—it both reaffirms rumors and states the obvious. We’re now primed to expect two new larger iPhones, and… Continue Reading »


Simply The Best iPhone Case I Have Ever Seen

David Smothers June 19, 2014

Riyo is the groundbreaking phone case designed to allow users to store important credit cards, identification, and room keys in fashionable style. Riyo’s unique front edge design stands out from the crowd when compared with other phone cases, and none offer the functionality that allows consumers to feel secure while out and about. With a multitude of colors… Continue Reading »


Meet the the New Larger iPhone 6, Claims Reliable Source

David Smothers June 14, 2014

You are looking at the new iPhone 6—at least according to Sonny Dickson, whose Apple leaks have always been accurate. If this is true, his photo confirms the rumors that claimed that Apple would start producing 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models starting in May. The 5.5-inch model may look ridiculous—as every other large phone… Continue Reading »


iPhone 6 with Rounded Edge Design [Rumor]

David Smothers April 23, 2014

We’re sure many are looking forward to the next-gen iPhone. After all if the rumors are true, it could finally be the bigger iPhone that everyone has been waiting for. That being said, a new rumor has surfaced from Mac Otakara with some pretty wild claims. According to the report, it seems that there is… Continue Reading »


Alleged iPhone 6 Case Compared Against The Nexus 5, Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 5s

David Smothers April 23, 2014

Assuming the rumors are true, there is a good chance that the next-gen iPhone could come in various sizes: a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch model. That being said, the rumors also suggest that the 4.7-inch model could launch first, since there are battery issues with the 5.5-inch model that could cause it to be… Continue Reading »


Completely redesigned iPhone 6 fully detailed in huge leak from insider

David Smothers April 10, 2014

While some industry watchers issue Apple research covering things that never seem to materialize — like the “iRing” and “iTV,” for example — Ming-Chi Kuo has made a name for himself using a slightly different method: his predictions are almost always correct. As such, we should all pay attention when Kuo issues new research on… Continue Reading »

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