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Microsoft tells IE users how to defend against zero-day bug

David Smothers May 1, 2014

Microsoft has yet to patch its latest critical Internet Explorer zero-day security flaw, but an advisory about the bug now offers two temporary solutions. Updated on Monday, Microsoft Security Advisory 2963983 offers new information about the new zero-day vulnerability that affects all versions of Internet Explorer. The flaw could allow remote code execution and has… Continue Reading »


What Is High-Resolution Audio?

David Smothers September 6, 2013

This week, Sony unleashed a battery of expensive audio gear that claims to support “high-resolution audio” which, like “ultra high-definition” in the video world, sounds pretty snazzy. But what does high-resolution audio mean? And will HRA really make the music sound better? High-resolution audio is a new industry marketing term… On Tuesday, the Consumer Electronic… Continue Reading »


Holy Crap, This Crazy New Wireless Plan Is Totally Free

David Smothers June 5, 2013

We’ve been seeing a whole bunch of hungry little alternative service providers trying to cut into the big boys with low, low prices, but how about free? FreedomPop, the folks behind hotspots and routers that come with free data, just announced the first free wireless service plan. No, really. Free minutes, free texts, and free… Continue Reading »


FreedomPop’s New Router Hooks Up Your Home With Free, Wireless Broadband

David Smothers March 6, 2013

You’ve only got so many options when it comes to home Internet. Don’t like the folks who own the Internet-pipes in your neighborhood? Too bad. Well, FreedomPop is aiming to put another option on the table: a $89 4G router with free data built right in. The FreedomPop Home Burst Hub is the first non-mobile… Continue Reading »


Malala Yousufzai, advocate of education for women via Internet, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

David Smothers March 5, 2013

The young Pakistani girl, Malala Yousufzai, that was brutally shot in the head by the extremist Taliban group for publicly advocating women education via the internet has been nominated as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. She is the youngest such nominee for the prize in history. Of all the recipient nominees for the prize,… Continue Reading »


Woman Allows Internet To Name Her Baby For $5,000

David Smothers February 28, 2013

Before a child is born, parents have a tough decision coming up with a name for their upcoming bundle of joy. Thousands of questions pop into their heads as they try to ultimately pick a name that would fit their child, who they have yet to meet. It’s a serious decision that should be taken… Continue Reading »


Report: FreedomPop’s LTE Clip Will Give Wi-Fi-Only Tablets Free Mobile Internet

David Smothers February 4, 2013

  According to a leak obtained by Forbes, FreedomPop, a company that’s looking to provide free, mobile Internet access, is now looking to tablets as its next broadband market-disrupting frontier. Dubbed the LTE Clip, the relatively unobtrusive device will attach to Wi-Fi-only tablets, granting them LTE Internet from Sprint Nextel in the process. Wi-Fi-only tablets already take… Continue Reading »


How to Automate Your Discounts and Always Get the Best Price

David Smothers January 28, 2013

Clipping coupons can save a lot of money, but it can also waste a lot of time. You don’t have to join the ranks of extremecouponersto ensure you get a great deal. With a few tips and tools, you can automate those discounts and save yourself money without any of the work. I don’t like paying… Continue Reading »


All items in Tribes: Ascend now require only half the XP to unlock

David Smothers January 24, 2013

Tribes: Ascend is one of the best examples of ‘free to play’, and now all items in the game cost only half XP (experience points). Tribes is an online multiplayer first person shooter. It’s incredibly fast and exhilarating: as as well as guns, you come equipped with skis and a jet-pack. This makes for a fantastically fluid… Continue Reading »


Guess Which Country Has the Fastest Internet

David Smothers January 23, 2013

What country do you think has the best internet? Hint: not the U.S. Every quarter, Akami ranks countries based on their broadband speeds, specifically how many megabits per second. In the latest report, number one has an average peak speed of 54.1 megabits per second. At that rate you could download an entire feature film… Continue Reading »

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