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This is the coolest demonstration of self-driving cars I’ve ever seen

David Smothers July 2, 2014

If Volvo had to appeal to Van Damme’s epic split to sell more trucks, Hyundai just released this insane self-driving demonstration to try to sell their vehicles: A group of stuntmen jump from the roof of moving cars leaving them on their own. It’s impressive to see the cars driving and braking without a driver…. Continue Reading »


Holy wow, the full length trailer for Jupiter Ascending is incredible

David Smothers March 26, 2014

All right. Okay. Wow. After getting teased with an itty bit of Jupiter Ascending, we now get to see the full trailer and it’s all kind of fantasy sci-fi perfect. A battle for Earth, spaceships, machine porn, alien worlds, superpowers, guessing when Sean Bean will die, The Wachowskis, the movie seems to have it all…. Continue Reading »


OMG When Can I get This: RoomE – A New Shape of Personal Computing

David Smothers October 5, 2013

The future of the computer is to essentially make it disappear—a disconnected interface, so the house or the office or the building or the city is the computer. —Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer, frog [via frog] Register for an account it’s free to participate in the discussion or share your thoughts in the Facebook. No related… Continue Reading »


Scientists Discover A Way To Make Real Life Lightsabers

David Smothers September 26, 2013

It’s no science fiction anymore: clumping photons into molecules, scientists have discovered a completely new form of matter that works just like the lightsabers in Star Wars. “The physics of what’s happening is similar to what we see in the movies,” said one of the researchers. Don’t expect actual lightsabers in your nearer Wal-Mart anytime… Continue Reading »


Crazy New Flying Car Is A Vertical-Takeoff 200 MPH Plug-In Hybrid

David Smothers May 6, 2013

Terrafugia made big waves last year with the introduction of the Transition, the first flying car. Sure, it was more of a driving plane than a flying car, but it brought a dream everyone has had to life. They’re already planning a successor to the first model, and it’ll go 200 MPH, take off vertically,… Continue Reading »


Thirty Person Inflatable Lounge: One Toothpick and the Party’s Over

David Smothers May 6, 2013

Are you in need of a lot of extra seating for an upcoming shindig and a way to safely get 30 guests to shore after an emergency shipwreck? Look no further than the Beach7 AirLounge XL which provides comfortable seating for up to 30 people—possibly more if comfort isn’t an issue—in a package that deflates… Continue Reading »


Hand-knit privacy sock is a tunnel between your face and laptop

David Smothers January 30, 2013

  The Laptop Compubody Sock was developed by Becky Stern as a knitting project over at Instructables. She calls it “an eye-catching hoodie for your laptop to use in public spaces for warmth and privacy,” but it looks like Dr. Seuss dreamt it up.  It’ll definitely catch the eye as advertized, but, with this thing on, at… Continue Reading »


Easy To Find Emergency Flashlight Automatically Turns On When There’s an Earthquake

David Smothers January 17, 2013

When a natural disaster strikes in the middle of the night, the last thing you want to do is waste time stumbling around in the dark looking for a flashlight. So a company in Japan, where recent disasters have left the country on high alert, has developed an LED flashlight that automatically lights up when an earthquake… Continue Reading »


How Intel Will Build the Holodeck

David Smothers January 14, 2013

Mooly Eden steps out of the world of transistors and microprocessors for a moment. “If you want a simple explanation of what we’re doing, just look to Asimov,” the head of Intel’s Perceptual Computing push says, explaining. “Or Star Trek, Star Wars, and Avatar. The ideas have been in science fiction for years, and now… Continue Reading »

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