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This Is the Biggest Goddamn Smartwatch I’ve Ever Seen In My Life

David Smothers January 8, 2014

Wow, okay. Where to begin? This is the Pine by Neptune. It’s a 2.4-inch watch that you’re supposed to wear on your wrist, in spite of it being much, much bigger than your wrist. Seriously, why need a phone when you have this thing? It does everything your phone already does in a decidedly more… Continue Reading »


Meet Edison, Intel’s Tiny Plan To Power The Next Generation Of Wearables

David Smothers January 7, 2014

Intel is thinking big by going small: The Edison, a full Linux computer built for wearables, is no bigger than an SD card. You thought the Raspberry Pi was small? Check out Intel’s latest entry in the micro-microcomputer sweepstakes—a full Linux computer called the Edison, which is no bigger than an SD card. In addition… Continue Reading »


Water Vapor Will Be the Only Emission From Toyota’s New Fuel Cell Car

David Smothers January 6, 2014

Electric-only cars might be envogue right now, but Toyota is pursuing another eco-friendly alternative to gasoline engines with its FCV concept. The company is now claiming the vehicle will be available sometime in 2015—at least if you live in California where (hopefully) hydrogen refill stations will be plentiful by then. The FCV borrows the same… Continue Reading »


Google, Audi to Announce Partnership at CES – Bringing Android to Cars

David Smothers December 30, 2013

According to sources of The Wall Street Journal, next week’s CES should be big not just for small consumer electronics, but for the automobile industry as well. Google and Audi are reported to be teaming up, set to unveil a new partnership and platform to bring the Android mobile OS to vehicles worldwide. With Android… Continue Reading »


SteelSeries’ New Keyboards Will Study Your Gaming Technique and Suggest Improved Layouts

David Smothers January 14, 2013

SteelSeries released a couple of new keyboards at CES called the Apex and Apex Raw that are targeted at the gaming community with 22 macro buttons, advanced anti-ghosting hardware, and light-up keys with 16.8 million different colors. But what’s particularly neat is the included analyzation software that promises to intelligently improve your gameplay. It runs in the… Continue Reading »


Crave giveaway: Tablet that’s ready for a Ford Sync hookup

David Smothers January 11, 2013

Start talking. This week, Ford’s offering up a 64GB tablet that works with its Ford Sync technology for voice-activated connectivity on the road. First off, congrats to Bhakti C. of Sugar Land, Texas, for winning a “Retroreflective Scarf” from geek designer Diana Eng in last week’s giveaway. Now, for this week’s prize… Our giveaway sponsor,… Continue Reading »


Asus Claims the Title of World’s Smallest Wi-Fi Router

David Smothers January 11, 2013

Amongst all of its Windows 8 PCs and tablet announcements at CES, Asus also quietly revealed what it’s boasting as the world’s smallest Wi-Fi router. And with a form factor only slightly larger than a well-equipped flash drive, the WL-330NUL Pocket Router is the perfect accessory for minimalist road warriors. Weighing in at just 25… Continue Reading »


The World’s First Voice Command Watches

David Smothers January 10, 2013

ABOUT MARTIAN WATCHES We’ve taken the “SmartWatch” to the next level by adding hands-free voice communication. Use your MARTIAN WATCH to talk, listen, initiate voice commands, and be notified of incoming calls and texts, all without your phone leaving your pocket, purse or backpack! With your iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, you can initiate Siri… Continue Reading »


VIDEOS: Learn all about the Ubuntu mobile strategy and Ubuntu for smartphones.

David Smothers January 10, 2013

Also See related post: The Ubuntu smartphone(which no one will use) is a glimpse of the future Cool gadgets and hot tech that will shine at CES 2013 David Smothers January 4, 2013 CES 2013: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Brings Intel Core i5 to 11-in Form Factor David Smothers January 6, 2013 Lenovo’s Yoga 11… Continue Reading »

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