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Magic Leap shows off gaming on its holographic headset

David Smothers March 19, 2015

Magic Leap holographic headset

Magic Leap, the Google-backed company with the mysterious augmented reality and virtual reality headset, has released an impressive new video showing off its futuristic interface.

The video titled "Just another day in the office" also shows off what gaming will look like. Needless to say, we're stoked. We want one ASAP.

In the video, we see a user opening a YouTube video and locking it into place above a desk and scrolling through a packed Gmail inbox and then swiping the app away to close it.

The interface shows a carousel-style navigation menu that can be flicked left and right.

The user then launches a game called Victory and walks over to a table with replica blaster props. As he nears the prop-filled table, holographic elements and data appear above each blaster. From there, the user launches into a first-person shooter game and starts shooting holographic enemies with the physical blaster and summons a digital laser canon to help in the attacks.

A huge tank blasts through the wall as the Magic Leap user cries "Whoaaa" before the video fades to white.

It's unclear if the video is merely a concept or if it's actually representative of what the Magic Leap will be capable of. We remain skeptical; remember the original Google Glass concept video that overpromised? The hand in the video looks to be a computer-generated one. The video's description only says: "This is a game we’re playing around the office right now (no robots were harmed in the making of this video)."

We don't know a whole lot about Magic Leap. Last month, MIT Technology Review described a prototype as "a pair of lenses attached to what looks like metal scaffolding that towers over my head and contains a bunch of electronics and lenses."

Magic Leap isn't the only company fiddling with augmented reality/holographic headsets. Microsoft's HoloLens announced in January also has users excited for a future that blends the digital world with reality. Magic Leap, of course, thinks its technology is better than HoloLens.

Aside from Google, Magic Leap is backed by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and Legendary Entertainment.


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