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First Look: SONY Unveils Connected Glasses

David Smothers May 2, 2014

SONY unveils connected glasses


If all goes as planned, Google should be the first giant to sell its own connected glasses, the famous Google Glass . Competition who intends to infiltrate the future and potentially lucrative market already prepared the offensive. We already knew that the Korean LG secretly plans to launch a pair of glasses of the same type and today we learned that Sony is working on a similar project ...

Baptized SmartEyeglass , these high-tech goggles that are currently at the experimental stage confirm anyway ambitions of the Japanese firm. At this stage, the prototype developed by SONY is equipped with a camera and microphone, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and has the wireless connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Unlike Google Glass, the display data is not provided by a small head but screen glasses accessory. A particularly interesting approach and a great look.

Pending their eventual commercialization, I suggest you watch a video presentation of these futuristic glasses.

[via owhereelse]

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