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LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play edition review

David Smothers December 31, 2013

A great tablet struggling to find a value proposition It’s hard to say we weren’t surprised when Google seemingly randomly put two new Google Play edition devices up for sale on December 10th. The LG G Pad 8.3 (along with the Sony Z Ultra) is a new device in Google’s quasi-Nexus line that takes proven… Continue Reading »


Green Throttle Launches Console-less Android Gaming Platform

David Smothers March 5, 2013

Android gaming has been getting a ton of love lately as both the OUYA and GameStick are expected to reinvigorate the Android gaming market in the coming months, but Green Throttle is looking to jumpstart the Android gaming revolution with its new service. Unlike both the OUYA and GameStick, Green Throttle doesn’t require any dedicated console hardware to function… Continue Reading »


Razer Edge Available For Pre-Order Starting March 1

David Smothers February 26, 2013

The Razer Edge gaming tablet was launched at CES this year and is now one step closer to being an actual product you can have in your home now that Razer has announced they’ll be accepting pre-orders starting March 1 for Windows 8 gaming tablet, with shipments expected to go out “later that month.” Two variations of… Continue Reading »


Asus Padfone Hands On: A Sleek Two-For-One Device That Makes You Pay for Both

David Smothers February 25, 2013

If it were sold without its tablet dock, you might give the Padfone phone a second look all on its own. It’s really pretty, after using it for a few minutes, it’s just as powerful and smooth as any other flagship Android phone coming out, like the Optimus G Pro or the HTC One.The phone… Continue Reading »


Samsung Unveils Its New iPad Mini Competitor, The Galaxy Note 8.0

David Smothers February 23, 2013

Samsung (005930) is finally gaining some momentum in the tablet market after a slow start with the original Galaxy Tab, which launched in late 2010. The South Korean consumer electronics giant now has a number of slates available in the 7- and 10-inch ranges, but Apple’s (AAPL) 8-inch iPad mini opened new doors for mid-size… Continue Reading »


Why the ‘Second Screen’ Industry Is Set to Explode

David Smothers February 9, 2013

Watching television while also using a smartphone or tablet is one of the most popular leisure activities of the mobile era. The mobile industry is working hard to create mobile apps and sites that relate to what’s on TV, in order to capitalize on this behavior. This approach is often referred to as the “second… Continue Reading »


iPotty for iPad aims for high-tech toilet training

David Smothers January 12, 2013

One of the least-liked parenting duties gets a tablet assist with the iPotty for iPad, a combined potty trainer and tablet stand. LAS VEGAS–Everybody walking by the CTA Digital booth at CES 2013 does a double-take at a colorful plastic object on the ground. They stop and stare. They take pictures. One woman declares it the best… Continue Reading »


Crave giveaway: Tablet that’s ready for a Ford Sync hookup

David Smothers January 11, 2013

Start talking. This week, Ford’s offering up a 64GB tablet that works with its Ford Sync technology for voice-activated connectivity on the road. First off, congrats to Bhakti C. of Sugar Land, Texas, for winning a “Retroreflective Scarf” from geek designer Diana Eng in last week’s giveaway. Now, for this week’s prize… Our giveaway sponsor,… Continue Reading »

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