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Save 100’s on Hard Drive Upgrade for Your Mac: 10% off Nifty Drive

David Smothers April 30, 2014

Macbooks are definitely gorgeous computing powerhouses, but some models haven’t got the biggest internal storage. Unfortunately, external hard drives are slow and bulky, while SSDs are expensive. One potential solution is the Nifty MiniDrive Air. In essence, the Kickstarter-funded MiniDrive Air is a MicroSD to SD converter that’s happy to work with any make or… Continue Reading »


Adding a Little Heat Could Give Us a 40 TB Hard Drive in a Few Years

David Smothers October 10, 2013

When it comes to cramming as much data as possible on a platter, hard drive manufacturers will use every trick in the book to maximize capacity. Including turning up the heat as TDK plans to do with a new technique that could deliver 40 terabyte hard drives by 2020. In layman’s terms, it’s actually easier… Continue Reading »


Seagate Wireless Plus Review: A Terabyte for Your Tablet

David Smothers February 9, 2013

I own an iPad with 64GB of storage. Until the recent arrival of the 128GB iPad, mine was the largest-capacity model available — but it’s not enough. At the moment, I have less than 6GB of free space; when that dwindles away, I’m going to be in trouble. That makes me exactly the sort of person… Continue Reading »


Deal of the Day: 25GB of Free Cloud Storage from Box

David Smothers February 7, 2013

Dropbox gives you 2GB of storage when you sign up. iCloud offers 5GB. While there are plenty of reasons to prefer those services, the storage space they offer is way less than what you can get with Box today. Usually Box only gives you 5GB of storage for free, but if you sign up with a new… Continue Reading »


A New Service Gives You Storage for All Your Devices That Never Runs Out

David Smothers February 6, 2013

Imagine never running out of room on your hard drive or having a cheaper cloud storage solution. Actually, you don’t have to imagine either because BitCasa offers “infinite” storage space on the cheap. Its new cloud stashing service works on a bunch of different platforms—iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, Windows RT, and the web. It’ll cost you… Continue Reading »


New Intel mSATA SSDs, NVIDIA Project Shield, Crysis 3, and more!

David Smothers January 31, 2013

Subject: General Tech | January 31, 2013 – 03:53 PM | Ken Addison Tagged: podcast, Intel, msata, 525, project shield, nvidia, Crysis 3, UP7, haswell PC Perspective Podcast #236 – 01/31/2013 Join us this week as we discuss new Intel mSATA SSDs, NVIDIA Project Shield, Crysis 3, and more! You can subscribe to us through iTunes and you can still access it directly through the RSS pageHERE. The URL… Continue Reading »


The 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro Only Offers 83GB of Usable Space

David Smothers January 29, 2013

  The standard Windows 8 Surface tablets came in for some stick, thanks to the Windows files eating up 13GB of hard drive space. That’s nothing compared to Windows 8 Pro, which requires an astonishing 45GB of the Surface Pro’s disk space for its files. The numbers, obtained from Microsoft by Softpedia, would make an absolute… Continue Reading »


Quick Look: Intel’s SSD DC S3700 200 And 800 GB Drives

David Smothers January 25, 2013

Intel recently sent over a pair of its SSD DC S3700 drives at 200 and 800 GB. Our esteemed storage expert, Drew Riley, just put the finishing touches on his in-depth evaluation, which includes comprehensive consistency analysis, lots of performance detail, and our exclusive look at enterprise video streaming. How do the drives do? Well, they’re very fast, owning… Continue Reading »


Here’s Our First Look at Kim Dotcom’s Mega

David Smothers January 18, 2013

Ahead of the official launch tomorrow, Kim Dotcom’s Mega is live early for some members of the press. The landing page at mega.co.nz now redirects to http://kim.com/mega (in Safari) and shows an error to people using Chrome. Here’s everything we know so far about the new Megaupload. First of all, Mega is not finished—according to TechCrunch’s story, the launched site will include… Continue Reading »


You’ll Get 50GB of Free Storage at Kim Dotcom’s New File Sharing Service

David Smothers January 17, 2013

Kim Dotcom seems decided to give the megafinger to the Feds and continue with his meganew file sharing megaproject after megaupload was megashutteddowned. He claims his new Megawill give 50GB of storage space to every user. For free. If true, it will crush Dropbox and Skydrive like Kim crushes plastic chairs. He also says that Mega will feel… “FROM THE… Continue Reading »

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