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What Facebook Might Look Like Using Oculus Rift

David Smothers March 31, 2014

When Facebook bought Oculus VR last week for $2 billion, many wondered if and how the social network could integrate the virtual reality experience into the social networking site. Now, a concept video by Chaotic Moon Studios shows what an Oculus Rift-powered Facebook experience might look like. Although the headset is largely designed for gaming… Continue Reading »


Meet The Woman Behind One Of Facebook’s Fastest-Growing And Most Lucrative New Businesses

David Smothers February 19, 2014

The flora around Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters was wreaking major havoc on Deborah Liu’s allergies. The leader of one of Facebook’s most important new businesses was without her medication, and as a result the thumping in her head had less to do with the salsa company offering a promotion to employees gathered for lunch in… Continue Reading »


Facebook Removes A Privacy Setting You Might Have Been Using

David Smothers October 11, 2013

Facebook has removed a certain privacy setting from the accounts of “a small percentage of people” still using it: from now on, there is no way to prevent your Timeline from coming up when someone searches for you by name. But it’s not as dire as it sounds. The setting allowed a user to control… Continue Reading »


Discover The People Around You With Radar For Facebook

David Smothers September 26, 2013

Radar for Facebook is a recently released iPhone app that makes it easy to find nearby friends using the popular social network. Once downloaded and installed, users can broadcast their location to Facebook friends, allowing pals to check on the Radar app and see who’s nearby. As developer Ben Steffens explains, “Radar is a new… Continue Reading »


An Unusually Close Look At The Development Of Facebook Home

David Smothers July 22, 2013

Facebook Home had its Android-only release in April and it’s been sort of proliferating a little bit maybe? ever since. It lives in a weird space between operating systems and apps, but it’s meant to be something you don’t over-think. So don’t think about. Just let it be a mostly successful immersive experience. That’s it…. Continue Reading »


Facebook Phone: Like It or Not, It’s Probably Real

David Smothers April 4, 2013

I am willing to concede that there will probably be a Facebook phone. The likelihood doesn’t make the idea any less ridiculous, but I’ve read enough tea leaves to believe the social media giant is now hell-bent on muscling its way into the mobile handset market, no matter the cost. And I think I finally… Continue Reading »


How to Lock Down Your Facebook Privacy Before Graph Search Strikes

David Smothers February 23, 2013

How to Lock Down Your Facebook Privacy Before Graph Search Strikes David Nield Graph Search is Facebook’s bold new way of browsing the social network, letting you call up photos of your family in California, restaurants your friends like in New York, or any public updates from Gizmodo employees who also like hot air ballooning. It’s currently… Continue Reading »


Facebook Hates Old People?

David Smothers February 20, 2013

Congrats, you turned 100. You lived through the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and hammer pants, but Facebook doesn’t give a crap. Apparently, it stops counting age at 99. What’s with this disgusting ageism, Facebook? A local news station in Detroit spotted a lady named Marguerite Johnson who is 104, but whose Facebook page is stuck… Continue Reading »


Taylor Swift Sex Tape Is A Facebook Hoax, Delivers Malware

David Smothers February 11, 2013

The Taylor Swift sex tape showing up in your Facebook feed is a hoax. The message started showing up in users feeds on Thursday and it immediately had the trappings of a traditional Facebook scam. The message being delivered to Facebook feeds currently reads: Taylor Swift’s iPhone Hacked – Sex Tape LEAKED! The famous singer Taylor Swift… Continue Reading »


Facebook And Sex: G-Rated Alternatives To Controversial ‘Bang With Friends’ App

David Smothers February 11, 2013

The unapologetic Facebook hookup app Bang With Friends has created a storm of controversy in recent weeks, but the one thing no one is talking about is the app’s more G-rated alternatives. “Clean” versions of the Bang With Friends app concept exist, and at least one has been around for months. A quick recap: In… Continue Reading »

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