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Samsung Buys SmartThings for a Reported $200 Million

David Smothers August 15, 2014

In another signal that consumers’ homes are the new battleground for tech colossuses, Samsung announced on Thursday that it was buying Internet of Things startup SmartThings for a reported $200 million. Re/code reported the figure, which was attributed to anonymous sources. SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson confirmed the acquisition in a blog post, but didn’t describe… Continue Reading »


Leaked New Galaxy Alpha Show iPhone-Inspired Design

David Smothers August 4, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy line has been a smartphone stalwart for years. But unanticipated commercial and design criticism of its latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, has forced the company to go in a different creative direction—down a road that apparently leads straight to Cupertino, Calif. New leaks from Weibo show off a purportedly reimagined Galaxy smartphone…. Continue Reading »


Windows Phone Is Getting One of the Best Android Phones

David Smothers August 1, 2014

Just as the rumors foretold, a Windows Phone version of the wonderful HTC One is headed for Verizon—or so this photo tucked in an unseen corner of Verizon’s servers seems to indicate. The rumor of a “One (M8) for Windows” has been around for some time, and just this week WP Central said such a… Continue Reading »


$36 million worth of products stolen from Samsung’s Brazilian factory

David Smothers July 8, 2014

t probably won’t make a dent in the massive profits Samsung rakes in every quarter, but a rather major robbery has left one of the company’s factories poorer by around $36 million. About 20 men armed with submachine guns invaded Samsung’s factory in São Paulo, Brazil, and managed to get away with seven loaded trucks… Continue Reading »


Want to Know if Your Android Device Could Be Hacked via Heartbleed?

David Smothers April 15, 2014

Heartbleed is causing heartache on hundreds of servers all over the internet, but security researchers have also warned that the bug could allow direct hacks of Android, too. Here’s how to check if your device is at risk. While researchers at security firm Symantec happily report that the major browsers don’t rely on the OpenSSL… Continue Reading »


HTC One (M8) vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

David Smothers April 1, 2014

You probably won’t find a bigger Android rivalry than this. The new HTC One (M8) is about to butt heads with the Samsung Galaxy S5. How do their features and specs compare? Let Gizmag lend a hand. Size The phones’ dimensions aren’t dramatically different, but the HTC One (M8) is three percent longer, three percent… Continue Reading »


Samsung Names Its Price for Gear Fit, Gear 2 Smartwatch

David Smothers March 21, 2014

For those awaiting more details about Samsung’s new Gear 2 smartwatch and Gear Fit wristband tracker, the company announced pricing and availability on Thursday. According to Sammobile.com, which reported Samsung’s official pricing for Taiwan, the Gear 2 will cost $299 in the U.S., while the Gear Fit will go for $199. Samsung later told Mashable… Continue Reading »


Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2 head-to-head specs comparison

David Smothers February 27, 2014

How do the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 stack up head-to-head? Check out our specs comparison and find out. andingId=7dfd98005dba40baacc82277f292e522&thruParam_tmgui[relatedVideo]=http%3A%2F%2Fcdn.api.ooyala.com%2Fv2%2Fassets%3Fwhere%3Dembed_code%2Bin%2B%2528RjZGh1azoXbNDR_JSnCWMCNtWUttr8eP%252Ch2bTl1azoYcI3gyXivdwWAWkziP4KpCL%252CFsZTl1azr6WyBoiEBCAp6qiOvmx_2nib%252CxkYXV0azpYcLB8tMSQ7vOxbe9L5m3rgB%252CUxcDZ1azoM-0JuhdOV3n2s0-yj4_W03G%252CY5aDh1azrq_RJ0_dVf74XZGhHn0YBTvW%2529%26api_key%3DRvbGU6Z74XE_a3bj4QwRGByhq9h2.WFFAb%26expires%3D1640995199%26signature%3Do%252FtnB%252BUsggFoKFKj0W5lXdck7n7oQyDEVNf%252Fro5mTUE”> Samsung and Sony both have new handsets headlining their flagship range, and will soon be battling it out for a place in your pocket. So how do they compare in terms of specs? In… Continue Reading »


Samsung Galaxy S5 with heart-rate monitor, fingerprint reader and bigger screen goes on sale April 11

David Smothers February 24, 2014

Samsung Electronics Co. on Monday unveiled a Galaxy S5 smartphone with a fingerprint reader, built-in heart rate monitor and bigger screen than the current model as Asia’s biggest technology company tries to keep high-end consumers from Apple Inc.’s iPhones. The water-resistant phone will go on sale April 11 with features including a longer-lasting battery than… Continue Reading »

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