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Whoa, These Sci-Fi Laser-Shooting Telescopes Are Gloriously Real

David Smothers October 5, 2013

bservatories don’t just gaze into the endless starry abyss above our heads; sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes they shoot righteous 40-watt lasers into the great beyond too. Obviously it looks awesome, and this stellar timelapse showcases exactly how awesome. (Spoilers: very awesome.) The location is the Mauna Kea Observatories in Hawaii, and this new, fantastic… Continue Reading »


Just How Incomprehensibly Massive Is the Universe? (Hint: Even Bigger Than That)

David Smothers February 25, 2013

Have you ever stared up at the stars and wondered just how far you’d have to travel before you reached the edge of the universe? The answer—as Minute Physics illustrates—is far. Like really far. Like somewhere in the neighborhood of 46 billion light years starting wherever you’re standing. And not only is that distance getting greater every… Continue Reading »


Did NASA Discover an Awesome Spaceship or Is This Pulsar Just Happy to See Us?

David Smothers February 14, 2013

NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory has captured this incredible image of an object 1,000 light years away from Earth. It looks like an awesome Klingon spaceship accelerating to Warp 10. Or a majestic 12-mile-long Cylon Basestar that flies through the cosmos rotating eleven times every second. It’s name is Vela and it is a pulsar that “spews… Continue Reading »

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