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Samsung Gear Fit Review: A Beautiful Wristable Gone to Waste

David Smothers April 16, 2014

Samsung’s Gear Fit had every chance to be by far the best activity tracker you could own. It isn’t. Not by a long shot. And there’s nothing sadder than unrealized potential. What Is It? It’s a stunning fitness tracker slash smartwatch wristable. It counts steps, tracks sleep, displays notifications from your phone, and even takes… Continue Reading »



David Smothers February 8, 2014

Description This is an official release of 1Password Reader for Android. The application allows you to get an access to your logins, accounts, and other information created on your Mac or PC and synchronize your phone with your computer. It serves as a vault allowing you to see your secure data created on your Mac… Continue Reading »



David Smothers February 7, 2014

It sounds corny, but T-Mobile’s “un-carrier” campaign is aptly named. It offers a mobile experience quite unlike what you’ll find at any of the other major providers. Like prepaid services, T-Mobile lets you pay for your plan on a monthly basis – it doesn’t have two-year contracts, so you can leave whenever you like and… Continue Reading »


If Riddick Is A Success You Can Expect Multiple Sequels In The Future

David Smothers August 20, 2013

As we drift towards the end of the summer movie season, Vin Diesel and David Twohy’s action flick Riddick is the next big event on the sci-fi cinema calendar. It has taken nine years, and one hell of a lot of detours, to get from 2004’s Chronicles of Riddick to this, the third installment in… Continue Reading »


I Finally Got My Hands On The Xbox One. Hmm.

David Smothers July 23, 2013

Last Thursday night at the 2013 Xbox Comic-Con Media Showcase, I got my first hands-on time with the Xbox One. I was pleased — well, mostly pleased. Having manned home base during both E3 and Microsoft’s initial Xbox One reveal, for the past few months, the extent of my experience with the console has been… Continue Reading »


Pacific Rim: The Video Game Review

David Smothers July 16, 2013

Giant mech robots and colossal aliens rank among some of my most beloved fictional tropes. Pit the two against each other in an all-out battle for dominance of Earth and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some stellar gameplay opportunities… in theory. Unfortunately, the reality of Pacific Rim: The Video Game is that it’s a… Continue Reading »


Tested In-Depth: Google Glass Explorer Edition

David Smothers June 29, 2013

Will and Norm show off the new Google Glass Explorer Edition to explain exactly how it works, what you can do with it, and what the experience is like wearing the augmented reality headgear in public places. Turns out, you get a lot of stares. And what about wearing Glass in a public bathroom? We’ve… Continue Reading »


Tested In-Depth: Apple 11-Inch MacBook Air (2013)

David Smothers June 29, 2013

Will and Norm sit down to review Apple’s new 11-inch MacBook Air. This year’s model runs Intel’s new Haswell processor, which gives it much longer battery life than previous models and faster gaming graphics. We discuss which spec configuration makes sense, and whether this laptop is worth the upgrade. [via tested] Register for an account… Continue Reading »

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