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Category Archives: GUN CONTROL


The Terrifying Future is 3D Printed Weapons

David Smothers March 20, 2013

Trailer: Click. Print. Gun. Cody R. Wilson may not be 3D printing bongs and grinders, but his reimagining of arms manufacturing poses an equally, if not more disruptive blow to social interactions on both the so-called Dark Web and in flesh-and-blood. And it’s fuelling a growing chrous of criticism. Why? Wilson, a graduate student at the University… Continue Reading »


Report: Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner Is Now a Target for Drones

David Smothers February 11, 2013

Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD cop who allegedly killed three people has been on the run, successfully evading police, for over a week. To finally track him down, it seems that law enforcement is pulling out all the stops. According to the Express, Dorner is now a target for drones, among the first ever on U.S. soil. The Express quotes… Continue Reading »


New 3-D Printed Rifle Magazine Lets You Fire Hundreds of Rounds

David Smothers February 9, 2013

In response to the upsurge in gun violence, politicians are proposing restrictions on the number of bullets that handgun and rifle magazines can hold. And just as they do, new printing technology blows holes right through that debate. The 3-D printing gunsmiths at Defense Distributed are about to release blueprints for an upgraded magazine that… Continue Reading »


VIDEO: Man Shot Dead After GPS Error Leads Him to Wrong House

David Smothers January 30, 2013

When Rodrigo Diaz set out to pick up his friends and go ice skating, he was in high spirits. But when his GPS navigation system took him and some friends to the wrong house, he was assumed to be an intruder—and shot dead. Friends of Diaz claim that the then 69-year-old Phillip Sailors saw the… Continue Reading »


Secret Service Mulls Bionic Ears to Detect Gunfire at Large Events

David Smothers January 22, 2013

The Secret Service is shopping for camouflaged sensors that can decipher gunshot details amid city hubbub, contracting documents suggest. The agency, responsible for guarding inaugurations and other U.S. special events, would exercise sole control over the surveillance system, rather than let private analysts send assessments, as many cities are starting to do. “Due to the… Continue Reading »


Senate Dems hesitant on Obama gun control plan

David Smothers January 18, 2013

President Obama’s gun-control package was always going to be a tough sell in the Republican-led House — but the plan is already running into resistance, or at least hesitation, from moderate Democrats in the Senate. The lukewarm response in the Senate to Obama’s highly anticipated anti-gun violence plan portends an uphill climb for the legislation…. Continue Reading »


Nation’s Biggest Gun Store Calls for Revolt

David Smothers January 17, 2013

Charlotte, N.C.’s Hyatt Gun Shop, is calling on gun owners to revolt against President Obama’s new gun control move. The nation’s biggest arms store, Charlotte, N.C.’s Hyatt Gun Shop, is calling on gun owners to revolt against President Obama’s new gun control move, warning that Washington has its eyes on trashing the Second Amendment and… Continue Reading »

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