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ARM, Freescale and Texas Instruments form Linux Networking Group

David Smothers February 21, 2013

LINUX PROMOTER Linaro has announced that it formed a Linux Networking Group with ARM, Freescale and Texas Instruments among others to push the development of Linux based networking infrastructure. Linaro, which acts as a developer and hub for firms wanting to put Linux in their products, has put together a Linux Networking Group. The group consists mainly of… Continue Reading »


Report: FreedomPop’s LTE Clip Will Give Wi-Fi-Only Tablets Free Mobile Internet

David Smothers February 4, 2013

  According to a leak obtained by Forbes, FreedomPop, a company that’s looking to provide free, mobile Internet access, is now looking to tablets as its next broadband market-disrupting frontier. Dubbed the LTE Clip, the relatively unobtrusive device will attach to Wi-Fi-only tablets, granting them LTE Internet from Sprint Nextel in the process. Wi-Fi-only tablets already take… Continue Reading »


Guess Which Country Has the Fastest Internet

David Smothers January 23, 2013

What country do you think has the best internet? Hint: not the U.S. Every quarter, Akami ranks countries based on their broadband speeds, specifically how many megabits per second. In the latest report, number one has an average peak speed of 54.1 megabits per second. At that rate you could download an entire feature film… Continue Reading »


Kim Dotcom’s Mega Hits One Million Users within 24 Hours

David Smothers January 20, 2013

Well, that didn’t take long. It’s been all of one day – 24 hours or so – since the launch of Kim Dotcom’s new “Mega” cloud service. And if the number of users that have flocked for their free 50 gigabytes of storage is any indication, it appears Dotcom has a bit of a hit… Continue Reading »


ASUS Revealed World’s Smallest USB Wireless Router

David Smothers January 18, 2013

  ASUS unveiled a device at CES 2013 that went largely unnoticed: a wireless router approximately the size of a thumb drive. ASUS is calling the WL-330NUL the “world’s smallest USB wireless router,” and we haven’t seen any other products that would rebut this statement. This pocket-sized router includes an Ethernet port, a fold-away USB port for power and emits an 802.11… Continue Reading »


Skyping Spain in Elementary Music/Spanish Class

David Smothers January 11, 2013

Last month, the Spanish teacher and I worked together to have our second grade skype another second grade class in Spain. The Spanish teacher set this up with a teacher from Spain. The children in Spain wanted to sing and ask questions during the Skype interview so the Spanish teacher asked if our students could… Continue Reading »


Asus Claims the Title of World’s Smallest Wi-Fi Router

David Smothers January 11, 2013

Amongst all of its Windows 8 PCs and tablet announcements at CES, Asus also quietly revealed what it’s boasting as the world’s smallest Wi-Fi router. And with a form factor only slightly larger than a well-equipped flash drive, the WL-330NUL Pocket Router is the perfect accessory for minimalist road warriors. Weighing in at just 25… Continue Reading »

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