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The 8 Coolest New Tricks Your Nest Can Do

David Smothers June 24, 2014

Late last night, Nest announced its Developer Program: An initiative that’s going to allow more than 5,000 developers to tinker and build new Nest functionality. To kick things off, it’s launching with a handful of partner-enabled features, from your Benz telling your thermostat when you get close to home to your LIFX bulbs flashing red… Continue Reading »


Nest Is Recalling Over 400k Protect Smoke Alarms

David Smothers May 21, 2014

A little more than a month after Nest announced it would halt the sale of its Protect smoke and CO alarm, the company has announced the official recall of every alarm sold thusfar. A report filed on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website announced the recall. The safety issue is the same one that… Continue Reading »


Nest Thermostat Now Available in Apple Retail Stores

David Smothers January 9, 2013

Apple is now carrying the Nest Thermostat in its retail stores through the United States and Canada. The development comes as Apple has been carrying it online for several months. The Nest thermostat is priced at $249.95 in the U.S. online store and is just one of a number of products featured in Apple’s App-Enabled Accessories section. The thermostat can be controlled via… Continue Reading »

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