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First Wearable Device for Seniors Keeps Tabs on Their Health

David Smothers August 21, 2014

Most fitness trackers monitor the habits of relatively self-aware, healthy individuals — those looking to lose weight or hit a steps goal each day — but a new device intended for seniors keeps tabs on how they’re doing and alerts caregivers when something might be wrong. Tempo, by CarePredict, is a wristband tracker that doubles… Continue Reading »


One Day Your Smartphone’s Screen Could Be Used To Test Blood

David Smothers March 17, 2014

Patients who rely on the use of coagulants to limit the formation of blood clots in their veins also require frequent and regular trips to the hospital for tests to monitor their blood flow. It’s a time-consuming side effect that researchers at EPFL hope they’ve solved with a portable test that relies on a smartphone’s… Continue Reading »


Tiny bladder pressure sensor could provide life-saving information

David Smothers March 10, 2014

When people have nerve problems such as those caused by spinal injuries, they can lose the ability to feel when their bladder is full. This means that they don’t know when it needs to be emptied, resulting in a build-up of pressure that can damage both the bladder and their kidneys. Now, a tiny sensor… Continue Reading »


Five Scientific Facts on How Chocolate Is Good For You

David Smothers February 11, 2013

Valentine’s Day is coming up (it’s Thursday I hear), which probably means you’ll be eating overpriced chocolate with your sweet loved one or eating fair priced chocolate alone. Either way, have no guilt because chocolate is “good” for you! These five scientific facts about the chemicals of chocolate prove it so. I BELIEVE. Chocolate makes… Continue Reading »


How to Handle Emotional Outbursts at Work

David Smothers February 9, 2013

While conventional wisdom says that professionals keep a stiff upper lip in the workplace, at some point, everyone shows cracks in that polished veneer. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, says workplace expert Anne Kreamer, author of It’s Always Personal: Managing Emotion in the New Workplace (Random House, 2013). She says that workplace cultures that emphasize… Continue Reading »


Your iPhone Can Tell You If You’re About to Have a Heart Attack

David Smothers January 25, 2013

Featured on NBC’s Rock Center, Dr. Eric Topol, chief academic officer of Scripps Health, says smartphones are quite possibly the tool of the future for all physicians. Using an iPhone to check a patient’s heart condition, Dr. Topol explainsthat in the future, everything will be done by sensors that communicate wirelessly to our smartphones. He offers… Continue Reading »


San Francisco Flu Leaves Residents Worried As Doctors Urge Vaccinations

David Smothers January 14, 2013

As an especially severe flu epidemic sweeps the United States, with nearly 4,000 hospitalized since the beginning of October, people in the Bay Area are increasingly being affected by the disease. While California is one of the in the places in the country least affected by the flu–one of the only a small handful of… Continue Reading »


Powerbreather Next Generation Snorkel

David Smothers January 7, 2013

An innovative new snorkel has been created called the Powerbreather, which has taken the humble snorkel to the next level, providing twice the of air intake, as well as other neat features. The Powerbreather has been developed to prevent water from being swallowed at any time during use. The intake valve on the new Powerbreather snorkel is situated… Continue Reading »

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