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Message in Bottle From Dead Girl Found During Sandy Clean-Up

David Smothers July 13, 2013

A bottle containing a 10-year-old’s message to the world was found more than a decade after it was thrown into the ocean, and just over two years after the young woman died. The bottle was found by workers during clean-up from Hurricane Sandy. “Be excellent to yourself dude,” was what New York City resident Sidonie… Continue Reading »


7 Year Old Cancer Patient Scores Touchdown For Nebraska

David Smothers April 8, 2013

Seven-year-old cancer patient Jack Hoffman talks about running for a 69-yard touchdown in Nebraska’s spring game. The Team Jack Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to raising money for the leading cancer cause of death in children – pediatric brain cancer. Facebook Site: Team Jack [via Youtube] Register for an account it’s free to participate in the… Continue Reading »


How Every Guy Will Use Google Glass

David Smothers March 7, 2013

Though you may look like a complete dork wearing Google Glass, it’s the capital-F future realized in the most overtly futuristic way possible. That means people are going to be interested in this thing. That means once guys realize what they can do with it, they’ll just use it in any way possible to get… Continue Reading »


7 heartwarming stories to make you believe in love again

David Smothers March 4, 2013

  1. A husband’s eternal gift Every Valentine’s Day, John gave Sue a bouquet of flowers and a note that always said the same five words: “My love for you grows.” He did this for all the 46 years they were married. Then, sadly, John died. And as Valentines Day rolled around, Sue knew not… Continue Reading »


Woman Allows Internet To Name Her Baby For $5,000

David Smothers February 28, 2013

Before a child is born, parents have a tough decision coming up with a name for their upcoming bundle of joy. Thousands of questions pop into their heads as they try to ultimately pick a name that would fit their child, who they have yet to meet. It’s a serious decision that should be taken… Continue Reading »


How to Handle Emotional Outbursts at Work

David Smothers February 9, 2013

While conventional wisdom says that professionals keep a stiff upper lip in the workplace, at some point, everyone shows cracks in that polished veneer. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, says workplace expert Anne Kreamer, author of It’s Always Personal: Managing Emotion in the New Workplace (Random House, 2013). She says that workplace cultures that emphasize… Continue Reading »


Bubble desks keep employees from socializing on the job

David Smothers February 8, 2013

French architect and designer Christian Pottgiesser is revolutionizing the modern office. In an effort to increase productivity and inspire employees’ creativity, Pottgiesser came up with these clear plexiglass bubble domes that create an individual workspace for each and every person. The idea of actually incorporating bubble desks into various work places and environments might seem… Continue Reading »


mHealth may hold the key to stage 3 adoption

David Smothers February 1, 2013

(reprinted from the HIMSS blog) Today we embrace a more dynamic point of view that: individuals are their own primary care providers; and they are responsible for focusing on health prevention and maintenance in consultation with their team of doctors and supporters. Whether the availability of mHealth tools influenced this more encompassing view or it… Continue Reading »


25 Inspiring Stories to Make You Smile

David Smothers February 1, 2013

Here’s a selection of 25 short stories recently submitted to our sister site, Makes Me Think, that not only made us think, but made us smile too.  We hope they do the same for you.  Enjoy. Today, my son turned 7 and I turned 23.  Yes, I had him on the day I turned 16.  The… Continue Reading »

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