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WOW! Watch a Girl Age Into an Old Woman in This Stunning Time Lapse

David Smothers September 9, 2013

Aging is a fierce b-word that deepens the lines on your face, sags the skin on your body and grays the hair on your head. All in the name of accruing wisdom! The thing with aging though is that it literally takes years to see its effect. Well, this incredible time lapse fast forwards the… Continue Reading »


Vr Goggles And The Quest For The Out Of Body Experience

David Smothers August 26, 2013

There is a strange phenomenon out there, one which many of you may have experienced, called the Out of Body Experience, or OBE. All of a sudden, you’re standing outside yourself — sometimes even viewing yourself. The feeling can be unnerving, especially for those who have had the experience more than once. But now, in… Continue Reading »


Ford’s New Prototyping Machine Turns Sheet Metal Into Custom Parts

David Smothers July 3, 2013

A modern assembly line can churn out a new vehicle every few minutes, but when carmakers want to build and test a prototype, it takes weeks to produce the dies and moulds needed to stamp out a custom one-off part. So Ford has developed a fantastic new prototyping machine that functions kind of like a… Continue Reading »


How would you like to get your PC and internet access for free? (exclusive)

David Smothers March 17, 2013

[Editor’s note: We posted this story earlier this week but not many folks recognized its significance, so we’re republishing it now with more reaction]. Here’s your smart city, and it’s nowhere near Silicon Valley. The small town of Stratford in Ontario, Canada, about 90 miles from Toronto and two hours east of Detroit, is about… Continue Reading »


Robot designed to care for elderly

David Smothers March 5, 2013

A researcher at the University of Salford in Manchester, UK, has invesnted a robot designed to care for the elderly, another step towards a wider introduction of robots to the healthcare sector. A researcher at the University of Salford in Manchester, UK, has invented a robot designed to care for the elderly, another step towards… Continue Reading »


Forest Whitaker’s Non-Profit Thinks Tech Will Bring Peace to Africa

David Smothers February 28, 2013

What defines something as “peaceful”? The absence of war, for one, is a pretty obvious element. Respect, generosity and open-mindedness make sense too. But it takes more than just understanding the definition to be a true advocate of peace, a just-launched non-profit says. PeaceEarth, a digital-first project, aims to create a network of “peace builders”… Continue Reading »


This Billboard Produces Drinkable Water Out Of Thin Air

David Smothers February 22, 2013

Lima, Peru, has the unfortunate distinction of being the second largest capital in the world located in a desert. It rarely rains there, and many of the residents are forced to get their water from dirty wells. But on the flipside, the humidity also hovers around 98 percent, so the local University of Engineering and Technology designed… Continue Reading »


New Dedicated AR Chips Could Keep Your Reality Augmented For Ever and Ever

David Smothers February 22, 2013

Augment reality has always been cool, but it’s never been too practical for extended use. Crazy processor demands chew up battery power and deliver a workable experience, but not one that can last. Metaio aims to but an end to that with the first ever dedicated augmented-reality chip, and it’s coming as soon as the end… Continue Reading »


NY student attends school remotely via robot

David Smothers February 18, 2013

Devon Carrow is a second grader living in West Seneca, NY. Severe allergies keep him indoors, but he’s found a way to interact with his schoolmates at Winchester Elementary School every day anyway. Devon remotely operates a 4-foot-tall VGo telepresence robot from home, which lets him stay connected to his class as they learn, walk through the… Continue Reading »


Scientists Claim They’ve Built a Computer That Never Crashes

David Smothers February 15, 2013

A crashing computer is at best annoying and at worst catastrophic. But now a team of scientists has developed a new type of computer that never crashes—and it relies on chaos and randomness to achieve the feat. New Scientist reports that the new “systemic” computer, designed and built at University College London, is fundamentally different to… Continue Reading »

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