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Voice-controlled home achieved by hooking Siri up to Raspberry Pi

David Smothers February 6, 2013

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant for the iPhone, is extemely limited in what it can do while trapped on Apple’s hardware. But, pair Siri up with one of those hack-friendly Raspberry Pi computers, like how YouTuber “Elvis Impersonator” did in this video, and suddenly the voice assistant isn’t so stifled anymore. As Elvis Impersonator shows in his video,… Continue Reading »


Lowe’s Iris smart home system tracks elderly, pets

David Smothers January 10, 2013

Your elderly parents, living alone, haven’t cracked open the fridge in days. Or they left the front door open late at night. Maybe they’ve fallen and can’t get to a phone. Lowe’s tapped into the fears of children living apart from their aging kin with its CES display of its new Iris Care system, which… Continue Reading »


Nest Thermostat Now Available in Apple Retail Stores

David Smothers January 9, 2013

Apple is now carrying the Nest Thermostat in its retail stores through the United States and Canada. The development comes as Apple has been carrying it online for several months. The Nest thermostat is priced at $249.95 in the U.S. online store and is just one of a number of products featured in Apple’s App-Enabled Accessories section. The thermostat can be controlled via… Continue Reading »


Google brings Wi-Fi sprawl to NYC neighborhood

David Smothers January 8, 2013

The free public service, which is being unveiled today, is said to be the largest contiguous Wi-Fi network in all of the Big Apple. Google today is rolling out free public Wi-Fi in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City. The free public service, which is being unveiled today by Google Chief Technology Officer Ben… Continue Reading »

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