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Exaggerated Soccer Injuries Look Ridiculous Off the Field

David Smothers July 9, 2014

World Cup flopping is an art, a tradition and a major frustration for spectators. The way some players flail and scream at the slightest physical contact on the field, only to be fine moments later, makes you wonder if FIFA is handing out Academy Awards instead of the World Cup trophy at the end of… Continue Reading »


Stargate To Return As A Rebooted Film Trilogy

David Smothers September 6, 2013

Since the cancellation of SGU, Stargate fans have found themselves in much the same position as Star Trek fans after the demise of Enterprise. For the first time in a long time, the Stargate franchise doesn’t have a show on the air, nor any signs of one on the horizon. Star Trek’s resurgence eventually came… Continue Reading »


If Riddick Is A Success You Can Expect Multiple Sequels In The Future

David Smothers August 20, 2013

As we drift towards the end of the summer movie season, Vin Diesel and David Twohy’s action flick Riddick is the next big event on the sci-fi cinema calendar. It has taken nine years, and one hell of a lot of detours, to get from 2004’s Chronicles of Riddick to this, the third installment in… Continue Reading »


Now You Can Live Stream On YouTube Without Being A Queen Bee

David Smothers August 4, 2013

The internet is a constant popularity contest, and everyone is trying to collect followers, friends, shares, likes, hearts, views, +1s etc. You know the soul crushing drill. But YouTube wants to change the conversation. They’ve lowered the bar so you only need 100 or more subscribers to be able to live stream. The move comes… Continue Reading »


You’d Be Crazy Not to Buy Google Chromecast

David Smothers July 24, 2013

Google’s relationship with television is spotty, at best. Google TV, whether as a set-top box or as a built-in product, has been an ongoing punchline. It didn’t even sell television shows in the Play Store until a year ago. But Chromecast is different. It’s Google’s cross-platform answer to AirPlay, a video-friendly dongle that fits snuggly… Continue Reading »


Judge Revokes Chris Brown’s Probation–Could Mean 4 Years in Prison

David Smothers July 15, 2013

As a result of Chris Brown’s recent hit-and-run charges (from an accident in May, in which Brown rear-ended another car and peaced out, allegedly without providing ID or insurance info), a judge has revoked his probation. Brown will face a probation violation hearing next month, and if that judge decides that he violated his probation,… Continue Reading »


Kanye West: Blood on the Leaves

David Smothers June 18, 2013

Whatever you think of Kanye West, the release of his sixth album is a big deal. I’m totally biased, I’ve already listened to the album probably two dozen times, and “Blood on the Leaves” is an early favorite. The song samples Nina Simone’s “Strange Fruit” and horns from TNGHT’s “RU Ready.” It’s a dark, twisted… Continue Reading »


New Elysium Trailer: High-Tech Dystopia Never Looked So Good

David Smothers June 14, 2013

It feels like we’ve been waiting ages for the release of Neill Blomkamp’s latest movie, Elysium. But in this new trailer, we’re given a more in-depth look at what’s to come when the film comes out on August 9th: sublime space habitats, an earth sliding into chaos, and Matt Damon making robot jokes. We already… Continue Reading »


Samsung Galaxy S4 Presents Hi Hey Hello, A Musical Short Film

David Smothers May 28, 2013

We all remember how it feels to fall in love. But times have changed. We’ve become more sophisticated. Our instincts developed. And so has the Samsung GALAXY S4. Samsung Mobile proudly presents a story of a young couple falling in love, starting with a simple “Hi, Hey, Hello”, a song by The Chicharones. Filmed by… Continue Reading »

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