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Would These Redesigned Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

David Smothers June 2, 2014

Quitting smoking cold turkey takes a rare sort of willpower that most of us will, unfortunately, never know. So for the weaker willed masses looking to kick the habit, these new cigarette packaging concepts may be just what the (questionable) doctor ordered. Created by Taiwanese designer Tseng Yi Wen, the simply named Tobacco project looks… Continue Reading »


This Smart Water-Hauling Backpack Is Sterilized By Sunlight

David Smothers October 18, 2013

With millions of people around the world lacking access to a consistent, reliable source of water, contaminated jerry cans and buckets have become the unfortunate go-to method of transporting water in the developing world. The PackH20, which just won the 2013 People’s Design Award at the National Design Awards gala, plans to change that. Designed… Continue Reading »


All Our National Monuments Have a Hidden Geological History

David Smothers September 9, 2013

All human existence is a meaningless blip in the grand scheme of time. Nice thought for a Monday, right? But you knew that already, so here’s another way to think about it: All the grand monuments we build are made of rock thousands of times older than the historical blips they commemorate. PBS Digital Studios’… Continue Reading »


WOW: This Impossible Software Can Make 3D Models From a Single Photograph

David Smothers September 9, 2013

It was predicted that computer graphics would one day give everyone the ability to create their own blockbuster film. But the software used for modern visual effects is still pretty complicated for the average user. At least until this magical software that can almost instantly turn a still photo into a 3D model is available…. Continue Reading »


LG’s 77-Inch Curved OLED Ultra HD TV Is a Monstrous Beauty

David Smothers September 6, 2013

Currently, the biggest curved curved ultra-high resolution OLED TV tops out at a mere 55 inches—but LG is shaking things up with this monstrous 77-inch creature. Being shown off at IFA 2013, it’s not clear why anyone would really need a 77-inch curved TV like this. But that’s OK, because it’s currently just a concept… Continue Reading »


A Trailer So Beautiful That It Will Make You Want To Go On A Road Trip

David Smothers August 10, 2013

Behold, the new Bowlus Road Chief—”the sexiest trailer I’ve ever seen”, according to the Roadtrippers Kinja blog. It’s really beautiful indeed, like a part of an old World War II bomber. And inside it’s elegant and simple. I want it to go on a road trip right now. Nearly 80 years ago Hawley Bowlus created… Continue Reading »


Live Like A Hermit Atop A Massive Wind Turbine

David Smothers July 16, 2013

If you’ve been looking for somewhere to get away from it all, design firm Morphocode might have just thought up your dream home. By combining the age-old concept of lighthouse-style dwellings and the forward-thinking fields of offshore wind turbines, designers have come up with a futuristic-looking loft space. The idea of living atop a wind… Continue Reading »

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