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Tesla’s Model S Sedan Destroys Safety Tests … Literally

David Smothers August 21, 2013

In the long history of automotive safety press releases, no carmaker has ever issued a statement quite like the one put out by Tesla Motors (TSLA) on Monday night. The statement begins by looking at a battery of tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Tesla’s Model S all-electric luxury sedan…. Continue Reading »


Tesla Founder Promises Hyperloop Details By August 12

David Smothers July 16, 2013

Since the commercialization of airplane travel, the world has become a lot smaller. In the U.S. in particular, this has allowed people to actually commute to work from different parts of the country. But after decades of technological advances, the time and increasingly complicated process of air travel now seems somehow behind the times. Elon… Continue Reading »


The Tesla Model X Is The Only Car In Detroit That Really Feels Like It’s From The Future

David Smothers January 15, 2013

There’s actually a number of new cars at the Detroit show that I like — I think Chevy did a fine job with the new ‘Vette that we’ve beencarefully ignoring, and that Audi RS7 is really impressive. But the only one I sat in and genuinely felt like I was in something really new and different was… Continue Reading »

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