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Apple Delays the Mega iPad!

David Smothers March 5, 2015

The 12.9-inch giant iPad. The rumor of legend. Just became a little more real with reports from the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg saying that they’re definitely coming, just maybe a little later than expected. According to WSJ, Apple suppliers have been told to fire up they’re mega iPad forges in the second half of… Continue Reading »


Our New iPad Liveblog Starts Right Here Today at 12PM ET/10AM PT

David Smothers October 22, 2013

Hello and welcome! We are going to bring you all the latest news from around the web. Shortly, Apple’s going to take the wrapping off of its updated iPad and iPad mini, along with a few other surprises. We’ll be covering it all live, right here. Join us! The liveblog below will update automatically, no… Continue Reading »


WSJ: The New iPad Mini Will Be Retina After All

David Smothers October 21, 2013

With Apple’s big iPad event a day away, it’s the last second to get in any predictions, and the Wall Street Journal has a good one. According to their sources, there is definitely a retina iPad Mini in the works. The Wall Street Journal doesn’t pin down a release time or price for the new,… Continue Reading »


Why the ‘Second Screen’ Industry Is Set to Explode

David Smothers February 9, 2013

Watching television while also using a smartphone or tablet is one of the most popular leisure activities of the mobile era. The mobile industry is working hard to create mobile apps and sites that relate to what’s on TV, in order to capitalize on this behavior. This approach is often referred to as the “second… Continue Reading »


Today’s Apps Gone Free: All-In Yoga, Hidden Doodles, AzawhistleKids And More

David Smothers February 8, 2013

Perform yoga poses whenever and wherever you want with today’s AppBump featured app, All-in YOGA: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes. This is the first time All-in YOGA has ever been offered for free, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity while you can! We also have a stylish hidden objects game that will… Continue Reading »


Secretly We All Want This Toilet-Paper-Holding iPad Stand

David Smothers February 6, 2013

We all use our smartphones and tablets in the bathroom, but there’s an unwritten rule that you do it discreetly, and don’t really brag about touching your device while touching your… well, you get the idea. So while on one hand it’s easy to be disgusted by CTA Digital’s toilet paper/iPad stand, on the other… Continue Reading »


The 128GB iPad Is Real, It’s Here, and It’s Almost Definitely Not For You

David Smothers January 29, 2013

As expected, Apple let a 128GB iPad out of the bag today. And there’s almost zero chance you should buy it. The new iPad has the same retina display as its brothers, and the same design, and the same guts, with one notable exception: a metric crap-ton of storage. More storage than any decent or sane human… Continue Reading »

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