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The 8 Coolest New Tricks Your Nest Can Do

David Smothers June 24, 2014

Nest SDK
Late last night, Nest announced its Developer Program: An initiative that’s going to allow more than 5,000 developers to tinker and build new Nest functionality. To kick things off, it's launching with a handful of partner-enabled features, from your Benz telling your thermostat when you get close to home to your LIFX bulbs flashing red if Protect detects smoke.

Keep in mind, this is just a sort of teaser—the real fun will come from the developers who now have access to Nest's framework. And for now, many of these new features are only available with certain brands, which makes sense, since these are launch partners. We don't all drive Mercedes-Benz, and we don't all use Logitech remotes.

But remember: These launch features are just the first, Nest-produced partnerships. More are sure to come in the future, as developers and other companies start tinkering with Nest's API.

Your washer and dryer will keep clothes fresh if you're away.

If your thermostat notices you're not home when a cycle ends, Whirlpool appliances will freshen them up when you get near to make sure they're wrinkle-free. It'll also delay cycles if your Nest tells it that it's nearing a "rush hour" time when energy consumption is peaking.

Your lights will flash red when there's a fire.

Thanks to integration with LIFX, the Australian LED bulb startup, you can tell Protect to flash your lights red (or some other color) when something's up. You can also tell it to do things like turn your lights on and off when your thermostat is in "away" mode.

Nest will know when you wake up and go to sleep.

One of Nest's partners in the new program is Jawbone—which means that for starters, you'll be able to set your Nest to adapt to when you wake up and go to sleep. So if you like your house cooler when you sleep and warmer when you're awake, or some other sleep-based pattern, Jawbone will talk to your thermostat so it adjust automatically.

Protect can text your neighbor if there's smoke. 

Using IFTTT—a framework that connects web apps—you can set up a nearly infinite number of alerts based around Nest. Want to let your neighbors know if Protect smells smoke? Just set up an IFTT alert for "If Protect detects smoke, text my neighbors." And yep—you can set up alerts for Facebook and Twitter to. If you must.

You can set your temperature from Google Now.

Say you want to set your temperature via your phone (or your Android Wear smart watch!). Wherever you are, just say "OK Google. Set Nest to 72 degrees." This particular one won't be available until the fall.

Nest will know when you come and go from your garage door opener.

If you have a Chamberlain or LiftMaster garage door, you can ask it to let your Nest thermostat know when you come and go, and adjust to your every-day schedule that way. This one will be available in the fall, too.

[via Gizmodo]

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