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Touch your significant other over the Internet

David Smothers April 21, 2013

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Anyone who has been in a long-distance relationship knows that while Skyping with your significant other is certainly nice, it lacks one of the more exciting benefits of being in relations. That benefit being the one derived from the sense of touch.

Fear not for Durex has your back. Meeting in that place where technology and sex mingle, the company has created a new product that it calls “the future of foreplay.” In essence, it promises that its new product Fundawear will allow users to touch each other over the Internet.

The technology is simple enough: take the technology that helps a mobile phone vibrate and put this into underwear. Then introduce a smartphone app that will allow a user to trigger someone else’s vibrating undergarments. In fact, how intensely it vibrates depends on how intensely you touch your smartphone screen.

And bam! The future of foreplay, I guess. After all, what’s sexier than playing with your smartphone?

Watch the video below for a closer look at the technology.

[via telegraph]

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