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Pets Who Are Famous On Twitter, Facebook & YouTube

David Smothers March 25, 2013

Help at the touch of a buttonIf you have a pet who likes to watch you tweet and update your Facebook status, you might consider letting him or her get an account on a social media site. Back in 2011, Mashable reported that one in ten pets in the UK has a social media account of some kind. That is an astonishingly high (and funny) number to me, and I wish I knew the worldwide statistic. Surprisingly, there are a lot of pets who are famous on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

I suppose it makes sense. Our dogs and cats might want to keep their friends and fans updated about their lives, so they might enjoy tweeting photos like everyone else. Although it sounds silly, there is apparently some real value in allowing your pet to post updates on these sites.

For example, there are many cats who are famous on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. CatsCasey and Sassy have brought in over 58,000,000 upload views on The Cat Diaries YouTube channel. If you think that’s a lot, Bizkit the dog is also famous on Twitter and YouTube. He is hot on their trail with over 47,000,000 upload views on YouTube. As cute as all these social media accounts are, it’s the Twitter ones that make me giggle the most.

People work so hard to build those accounts, and to think that a dog or cat could amass more followers than someone tweeting each day seems silly. Just remember, behind every dog or cat you see who is famous on Twitter, there is a clever person sitting behind the keyboard working just as hard as you.

This infographic called Social Petworking Stars which celebrates the pets who are famous on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube was created by SPANA (the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad), a charity for the working animals of the world. I wonder if I should let my Mary have her own Twitter account. Nah, I have my hands full just trying to keep up with my own Twitter account.

Pets Who Are Famous On Twitter, Facebook & YouTube



[via Social Media Today]

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