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Americans Have No Idea Whether Their Supplements Will Kill Them

David Smothers June 18, 2013


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Scientific studies show that the vast majority of Americans are not doctors. That does not, however, prevent Americans from medicating themselves with “alternative” medicines and supplements, as if they were doctors. Why are we Americans so dumb?

Do You Believe in Magic? is a new book, by Paul Offit, about alternative medicine, and how you have no fucking idea what most of it is doing. You should read it! (I know you take that god damn St. John’s Wort.) Here is a USA Today story about these issues. You should read it too! Were you aware of this?

About 50% of Americans use alternative medicine, and 10% use it on their children, notes Paul Offit, Children’s Hospital’s chief of infectious disease.

Hey, guess what, 50% of Americans: you are not a doctor. You probably should not be shopping at GNC for yourself, and you definitely should not be shopping at GNC for your kids. Did you know that if something is a “supplement,” rather than a “drug,” it does not have to be approved by the FDA? That means that you do not even know what is in the supplements you take. And even if you did know what was in them, you would not know what that did to you, really, because you are not a doctor. (The exception, obviously, is NO-Xplode..)

“Oh but these supplements are ‘natural.'” Yeah you know what else is natural? POISON.

[via USAT. Photo: grafixtek/ Flickr]

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